5 comments on “Has anyone ever told you not to open your mouth, lest you remove all doubt that you are a fool? No? Let me be the first.

  1. No, I am making it about YOU stalking ME across multiple media, causing me to wonder if you are among the people I very cautiously deem “friends” on one medium, and generally making me wonder if in fact you are a member of my familial unit.

    That is a serious question, by the way. Did my mother, or one of her more retarded brothers, put you up to this?

    Having a family unit that thinks it okay to stick their hands down your pants, and even insult you in ways that make you want to punch them into permanent injury when objecting to it, is not a situation you want to be in. A thirteen year old boy does not have to suffer his mother asking him as if it is for laughs if shaves “your fanny”. So knock it the fukk off because I am already contacting the police in my local area.

  2. Not to mention that there are multiple journals or authors on all forae that you have chosen to follow me across (really, who does that with any intent other than to creep out the person they follow?). Many authors, many people who will apparently write things more to your liking. Follow them. Nobody holds a gun to your head and tells you to read what I have to say. And my complaint to ask.fm:

    “I have been posted at least two questions on your medium by a user who has been stalking me across multiple media now. At least two WordPress journals and possibly a Facebook.

    Speaking as a grown man who still remembers occasions when he wanted to punch his mother in the face until her jaw or eye sockets broke because of inappropriate behaviour (sticking hands down pants to “measure” fit, “what about you Dean, do you shave your fanny?” and so forth), this user’s behaviour is of the kind that makes me want to know who they are and where they live so I can give them a serve of what they are making me feel.

    If you can provide records of this user’s message to me so I may bring them to the police, I must ask you do so. If you can tell them to knock it off the next time they attempt such a message, I must also ask you to do so. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.”

    makes it clear that if _I_ held a gun to your head now, I would not be telling you to read this content. I will just pull the fukking trigger since it apparently offends you so much that I do not think about my own situation the way you think I should.

  3. A very profound article, Kronisk. This kind of issue is why people need the Second Amendment (which applies to all weapons, lethal and non-lethal). Who in their right mind would shove broken eyeglasses into their bodies? The truly demented will never disappear, that’s my point. In essence, our enemies cannot be reasoned with…

    • But apparently stalking people across multiple services and journals, gaslighting them, and making their PTSD symptoms go berserk is ay-okay. Are you Adam West (aka not Batman but rather a gutless coward who spriuks an organisation a real Bruce Wayne would go after like a rabid dog), perchance?

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