2 comments on “Why I spent 165 dollars on a pair of headphones.

  1. Hey bro, right on and I made it through your explanation and it makes sense!
    I have a complicated diagram with audio frequency overlaps of typical instrumentation, that I regularly refer to, but you put it well in text form. Well done, that isn’t trivial to achieve as a communication (disclosure, I am diagnosed Aspergian, not being patronising… intentionally. If it’s accidentally, I don’t give a fuck, it’s a positive compliment, I grew up being spat on and shit… 😛 ).
    Incidentally, have a listen to THESE guys (not sure if it’s your cup of tea, but a spliff, a love of melodic death metal and intense concepts and music in general…) https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Alchemist/42

    • oh yeah and fuck Beats By Dr Dre, more like Beating-off by Dr Dre. The man is overrated as fuck, listen to the source samples he lifts from, then compare the chopping-up level of a CREATIVE producer, who makes something greater than the sum of the samples. Dre just makes it sound like a modernised version of the original funk track, except probably not as funky, and with an overly-slow beat or rap… the opposite of the state of the art, when there’s producers like DJ Ready Red of the Geto Boys going under-appreciated. One day I’ll get around to mashing-up Dre rapping on NWA’s Express Yourself about how “no I don’t smoke weed nor sess, ’cause it only gives a brother brain damage, and brain damage on the mic don’t manage NOTHING ‘cept making a sucker and you EQUAL – don’t be another sequel…” with The Chronic 2000’s: “Smoke Weed Everyday” bullshit. Smoke weed everyday and unless it’s a gnat-sized particle, you’ll have weed in your system, strongly, 24/7/365. Meaning you’ll think you’re sober, but you’re just fucking NOT.
      Good luck with executive functioning under THOSE circumstances. Just had to get rid of some fool from my life who was projecting their pathetic paranoia onto me. They were a relatively-stable and together person, too. But fuck anyone who sees a weird person and starts expecting violence just because that person doesn’t follow the social rules that protect – er- women far more than men these days. But I digress… Ever feel like you’re a character in Hans Christian Anderson’s The Emperor’s New Clothes? Specifically the innocent kid telling the truth that everyone else has neurotypically-contrived to LIE about, for little-to-no genuine gain even for themselves, in the long-run?
      That’s how it feels. Now THAT is scary, some people waste their energy scapegoating and bullying others in plausible deniability that they’re NOT leveraging unwritten social rules as a form of FORCE against innocent people. All based on ignorant gynocentricism LYING severely about what ‘force’ actually IS, and whose use of it goes unpunished.
      ‘Scuse the ‘misogyny’. But like NT actively punishing ASD just for being different, weird (i.e. weak, paranoid fear of the unknown and intolerance of not being able to control others via implied social rules). I’m NOT anti-social (in any meaningful way, like theft). Society is anti-ME. I’m not misogynist, misandrists are anti-ME (for being AS – the “extreme male brain” to quote Simon Baron Cohen). To detect latent misandry in this world, surely, the more extremely-male brains are the canary in the mine, detecting the toxicity before others do?
      Remember, the Emperors New Clothes – people will swear blind it’s not true (Gaslighting you, secure that you’re in a tiny minority and thus weak). Until confronted with incontrovertible truth. Even then, it’s a battle to get them to admit it. People don’t want to be seen as crazy, even if in the majority. THAT is how much they hate neuro-divergence.
      Fuck ’em. They get the manipulative politicans they deserve, then run around bleating that they’re being abused. They’ve got the raw IQ to work it out. It’s just laziness and lack of interest in understanding the world that THEY live in. Or fear of finding out their illusions are not going to carry them too far… So often people want to steal from others instead of do the emotional heavy lifting for themselves, in handling reality. If they cannot do it on a micro (personal) level, how the FUCK can we have a working democracy (macro level)? These idiots blame anyone else for fascist tendencies in society, other than themselves and their laziness. Fuck ’em. Is why I believe very strongly in the right to bear arms (force-multiplier) for self-defence of the one against the many. DEFENCE, not assault (tempting as it might be)! Violation of the person is a real threat for us AS people.
      It’s not paranoia when they’re actually after you. Biggest gaslighting trip of them all, that one. Peace, bro. ‘Scuse the spouting-off there. Do check out Alchemist, they’re a spiritual trip at least this guy here can relate-to.

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