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Several times, I have seen comments lamenting the lack of a form or other means by which to contact me without having the content published on the journal. Call me old-fashioned, but I still believe in the old objectives and designs of the Internet. That is, I believe that it is best used as a two-way communications tool, not the TV II model that companies like Apple or Googoo wish to push.

Unfortunately, the Internet’s original design reflects a more innocent time in communications technology. Never was the idea of morons using malicious programs and stolen bandwidth to catapult useless messages back and forth considered. Which means that in order to have a more “direct” communication line, I need to add a form and put it here for the use of people wishing to drop me a line. Oh well, no design is perfect.

Any suggestions, tip-offs about terrible normie behaviour, or places to bring the camera, are appreciated. Thank you.

Oh yeah, and particularly stupid or asinine normie mails that help prove my point will be published. Consider yourself warned.

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