My Fiction

This page shall be where I put the brilliant stories that I have written and posted on this journal. All stories here are provided as-is, with no guarantee, explicit or otherwise, that any of them will be to the individual reader’s liking. Also noteworthy is that the reason this page is here is to allow the journal’s and stories’ author and readers to easily access the stories, rather than have the hassle of needing to individually link story pages.

Without further ado:

IA dream that Linula had

This is more of a rough interlude that I wrote in order to sort something out in my author’s mind. The primary subjects of the story, Ruby Amelda and Linula, are in relationships complicated by the fact that one is in love with the other in addition to being in love with her Elvish soldier boyfriend. This brief story outlines what happens when Linula talks Ruby into modelling with her as part of her creative arts assignment. Note that A dream that Linula had is not the actual title of this story, more of something to fill the gap until a better title is dreamed up.

IIThe Peculiar Visitor

This is a story I wrote a long time ago, at a time when I honestly believed that the relationship I had with most of the people I have been told to call family could be salvaged. In it, a young couple with dreams of a bright and happy future confront both the reality that they will soon be parents, and what that reality will entail unless they dramatically change the way they think about the world they inhabit.

IIIKronisk’s Mirror (I, II, III)

This is a three-parter that was not intended to be so. I just started it and kept writing for so long, and so torrentially, that posting it here necessitated breaking it into three more or less even parts. In it, the leader of the police force that keeps the Mage collective that Ruby and Linula are a part of from exterminating the rest of the society they live in returns to the world his fiancée, Corrigwen, is from. Said leader, Kronisk, has much fun meeting Corrigwen‘s family and coming to her aid when the kinds of folk that his job also entails fighting against decide they do not want him to be happily married to her. In order, you can read this story through the following links: Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

IVWhirl Absorbed (I, II, III)

This three-parter picks up a little while after Kronisk and Corrigwen have married and started to settle into married life. It goes into one of the more unpleasant aspects of Kronisk‘s job as Mage-General of the Allied Realms, and also deals with one of the more important reasons why Kronisk would sooner exterminate the entire Overlander populace than give them the time of day. And yes, the title is lifted from the Unholy song Gray Blow. A scene towards the end of the story will make the reason for that clear. Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

VA Soldier In A Strange Land (I, II, III)

Sometimes, the way we write our enemies is more important than the way we write our heroes. This story was an experiment in explaining to the audience what the Overlanders are about, why the people of the Allied Realms are ready to fight them tooth and nail, and what should be made of it all. I am not entirely sure I was successful from an impartial point of view, but since the stories are meant to be about certain characters and what they face, I will overlook that for now. Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

VI – Kronisk versus Kronisk (I, II)

Kronisk and Corrigwen join in the campaign to storm Pandaria and rescue Prince Anduin Wrynn. But the resulting eruption of Sha has an effect upon Kronisk that not even the Sha themselves could foresee. Subsequently, Corrigwen takes it upon herself to confront and duel with the very things that make Kronisk what he is. Note that the two parts of this story are longer than is usually the case with the parts I divide stories into. I could not help that, unfortunately. Part One. Part Two.

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