Places to look at

KatBee Photography – This is the LiveJournal associated with the semi-professional photography business that a friend I made some time ago now is starting. I like her work, even if I do not find the choices of subject or theme completely to my liking. I hope you feel similarly.

Autistic Hoya – The journal of one Lydia Brown, a woman who in spite of having a very different experience and view of life on the spectrum, has written a number of things I am in 100% agreement with.

Purple Ponderings – An “old” friend from my LiveJournal days. Musician, borderline personality, young mother, mother of a girl in her mid-teens, Purplehez wears many hats. All of them to great effect.

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network – I do not know much about this group (I will investigate them further in due course), but if you are looking for information about the cause, this be a good place to start.

The Autism Blogs Directory – For the record, I hate the word “blog”. I will write further about why later. For now, suffice to say that one of the people behind this project added me, and I think it only fair that I link back to them.

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking – The first post I read from this journal opens with “April is “let’s make autistics hate themselves!” month”, and gets more aggressive from there. As it warms my heart to read the words of a person on the spectrum whose experience matches my own, they be linked here now.

Aloha Mister Hand – A lot more focused on films and visually-oriented stories than myself, this woman occasionally manages to write things that interest me enough to check out the subjects in the entries. Maybe others will find similarly interesting things therein.

Kim Wombles – Countering… – Kim Wombles is one of the people who started the “Autism Blogs Directory” that you see in one of the links above. In the interests of adding more passages and varieties in the things I link to, I have added a link to one of her journals here. As far as I can tell, the “Countering…” title signifies an attempt to counter the flood of bullshit about autism that is in all aspects of our media.

Encyclopaedia Metallum – The Metal Archives – Started years ago when I was still a petulant young man trying to “share” my views with all and sundry, this online encyclopedia (which predates the Wikipedia by many moons) is a good place to look when I mention musicians who trade under names like Groinchurn or Chronical Diarrhoea (neither of those names are made up) and you are wondering “what the fukk is this guy talking about?”.

Fugitivus – When trying to come up with a summary of this page, I think of the statement “when we read only that with which we agree, we learn nothing”. Calling this journal confrontational is an understatement along the lines of calling mine angry. But texts that make one as uncomfortable as some of this authors’ writings have done on my first read are often the most rewarding to learn to understand. – This is one Landon Bryce‘s site of autism-related news and other linkage. He also has a page on Fudgebook that is worth a look if you feel inclined to smack your head against Fudgebook’s new layout system.

Yes, That Too – Although I do not know much about this particular author as yet, what I have read of her journal made me decide I should link to her here, too. Her byline specifies that she is “an autistic math, engineering, and Chinese major”. My head spun just trying to get my mind’s eye around that.

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    • No. In fact, this entire query makes it abundantly clear that you have not read a word of this journal. Anyone who does so knows that you cannot swing a very small penis in my presence without hitting phrases like “I hate separationist language enough that if I could go back in time I would remove Garshit’s head and post photos online to demonstrate how keen I am to tolerate it” or “the people who try to co-opt autistic culture and bind it to ‘geek culture’ are moronic assholes who should have been shot at birth”. Truly, the question that comes to mind is what the hell were you thinking?

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