2 comments on “Writing is hard. Especially when…

  1. Looking forward to it (17000 words and other posts). Write on man! My salutations to you.
    Thank you by the way for signing my petition and for leading me to “Radical Neurodivergence Speaking”. I salute her as well.

    I’ve sent another letter to Self-Advocates. Perhaps you’d read it -(http://www.abwfoundation.org/letters-to-autistic-people/on-autistic-spectrum/)

    I’ll be out of the chicken coup (http://voryarow.com/the-second-circle/) once again; need to regain faith in myself.

    Vorya Yarow,
    At your Service.

    • I am in the process of converting and deliberating how best to post the story in question now. I believe that I will divide the text in question into at least two separate posts because of the word count. Whilst reading 17,000 words is fairly easy for me if I am not rushed, I definitely understand what a pain reading that many at once off any site of WordPress’ like can be.

      RNS is by far one of my favourite sites associated with the whole auties-versus-norms conundrum sweeping the Internet at present. To learn that just because I am what these coddled, un-spoiled types whose every second word is “gently-gently” think of as extreme does not mean I am alone… oh, happy day. Haha.

      I will have a good look at both documents in a moment. At the moment I am working on another writing of a similar nature to this one that I hope will get the point across a little more fluidly. Haha. But we will wait and see, as always…

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