6 comments on “Being erased. By other autistic people.

  1. It’s horse shit…The ASAN almost thinks that the shit neurodivergents get is a joke or some shit!

    Plus, they’re left-wing and think that social justice is gonna do any good. People think leftism is the answer…it’s the God-damn problem!

    • As long as passivism and pleading is the pervasive theme of the autism civil rights movement, we will never have an organisation that truly represents us.

      Problems in today’s world are more complex than just simply “left” and “right”, sadly. As long as we have rulership that thinks enriching the richest at the expense of everyone else is going to bear fruit, as long as we have people thinking it is okay to make overwhelming choices on behalf of a group without even consulting them, we are not going to get anywhere by begging and pleading. The second that the Nerd Blackface Geek Culture Theory Stereotype goes away and people are made aware that there are autistic people out there who will hit and even kill for their rights, that is the second the conversation starts changing.

      • If anyone in the United States of America can read this, you should consider joining or even forming a militia. It’s perfectly lawful under the Second Amendment and the Militia Acts of 1792 and 1903.

        It may be the only thing that can save the United States, which used to be a beacon of light for this planet…

    • Goddamn RIGHT. “Challenge them, call them what they are (that is, the autistic equivalent of “house niggers”)” – ‘HOUSE NIGGER’ is exactly the term I’ve been using in an attempt to wake my own (white) family up to what they’re expecting of me, since they understand racism and civil rights from that perspective. Leftism enables narcissistic female weaponising of their own emotions, outrage especially, and IDIOT enablers who fall for it. My family is full of this bullshit. They taught me to hurt myself (including physically) just so female emotions – abberant, dysfunctional, lazy ones, at that – could be SERVED. Like a slave. Everything was easy when I did what I was told – but when the TESTING times came from outside, I saw how little ‘equality’ there was when a man was wounded and suffering, even on behalf of his own family. Fuck respecting that scam against men. FUCK THAT! Greedy people are NEVER satisfied. Emotionally-greedy. They want to be masters. I prefer (naively or not) Abraham Lincoln’s: “As I would not be a slave, nor would I be a master.” One day the song I wrote about it called ‘Greed’, will come to light. It’s badass and wrote in around half an hour.

  2. “I hate the fact that I so often end up doing some peoples’ jobs better than them, and yet they are gainfully employed and I am not.”

    The story of my life, and a riddle that I have thus far not successfully solved. Apparently, if one is a ‘team player’ (i.e. a brainless gossip who likes to indulge in ‘small talk’) that’s all that one’s boss requires of you to remain as an employee. If, on the other hand, you are the type of person who actually cares about the job you were employed to do in the first place, but don’t like the idea of wasting time around the water cooler (as they say), then that’s not good enough!

    Where’s the logic, where’s the sense?!?! What a crazy, mixed up, confused world we live in. Is it any wonder this planet has been so poorly managed; the wrong people have always been in charge of it. There have actually been times when I have sincerely wished that I would just wake up one day to find all the ‘en-tees’ from this planet mysteriously gone. Seriously, they are holding back the human race, they are a drag on progress. Without them we would by now have already colonised our Solar System, but no…. instead we wasted our time and energy on such useless enterprises as building pyramids and cathedrals, prayer and politics. Utterly useless people, the lot of them!

    • With all these “Safe Spaces”, it’s no wonder that we’re looked down upon as little bitches.

      Just wait for 4Chan to trigger a shitload of whiny pricks to death, then we can rebuild.

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