4 comments on “Miley Cyrus (yawn)

  1. I also don’t know what she was trying to accomplish. To me, it looked like she was dancing as many do when they’re in a room by themselves, singing into a hairbrush. That’s what kids do when they think no one is looking. She did that on stage for some reason I don’t understand.

    Someone asked me how to explain this act to a teen who just saw it. I said, “tell your teen that sometimes people make bad choices (in behaviour or clothing) and sometimes they don’t have anyone to guide them. This is why we have rules in our house, so you don’t end up like Miley. We love you and that’s why we ask you not to wear certain things or do certain things.”

    Miley seems to be missing those people who care.

    But no criticism of her strange actions would be complete without criticizing the men who chose to participate in the act with her. Robin Thicke did not have to be grinded on or allow himself to be licked. If he didn’t tell her not to do that, he’s part of the problem also.

    • The slivers of knowledge I have about the entertainment industry enable me to make informed speculations about it, but without really talking long and hard with Miley herself, nobody can say for certain. I think that she has been conditioned to think in a certain way by both Disney and her idiot male parent (gee, where do I get that idea from?), and she is trying to act out in a way that will make the fans who are compatible with Disney and her moron asshole male parent run away. Unfortunately, without an informed view of what will be the most effective in that regard (vis the Cadaveria video I linked), she can only wildly flail out and hope she hits something.

      I would explain this in a totally different manner to my nephew or nieces if they asked me and were in their teens. Actually, knowing myself, their dad, and their mother, the likelihood is that none of us will need to. But if asked, I would tell them that Miley has been fed a very distorted and wrong view of the world by those who are supposed to care for her, and she is trying to break away from the mould that they have put around her. Nobody acts like this without goals like that in mind (this is not mere hyperbole, I speak from a certain amount of experience here).

      What Miley is missing the most is, in fact, people to whom she is more than something to exploit for financial gain.

      Acts that appear in television specials and the like are never spontaneous these days. They are planned out months, even years, in advance, and every move is strictly worked out amongst participants. I doubt very much that Robin did not expect what happened. Of course, the finer details such as how carried away Miley would get are still a somewhat on-the-spot thing. But the only people who can convincingly pretend that they are surprised at what happened do not know showbusiness at all.

      Miley is probably just as sick as I am, if not more so, of the bubblegum pop that children have shoved into their ears nonstop these days. She also knows that the Internet and ease of finding things on it has all but eroded entirely the market for such bubblegum pop. She probably knew that when she was fourteen years old, in fact. If Billy Ray thinks she is acting out now, he is going to have an unpleasant surprise when he tries to get her to push more of his pissant white-bread view of the world upon her audience.

  2. I am suddenly very interested in Cadaveria. We need more artists who send the right messages to young folks (self respect, self determination), not the canned media schlock we have gotten forever. Thanks for the mention – off to Google I go!

    • My post that tries to comment on all of the LPs that Cadaveria‘s self-named band have released thus far (four of them) is at this link, in case you are interested. Also worth mentioning is that she and her drummer, Marçelo Santos, performed vocals and drums respectively in an Italian band called Opera IX prior to this band being formed. I mention that mainly because the three Opera IX albums that Cadaveria and Marçelo are on range from masterpiece to good. The Call Of The Wood, Sacro Culto, and The Black Opera (and its excessively long Latin subtitle) are those albums. If you only get one of those, Sacro Culto is definitely the one to go for.

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