4 comments on “Alice Cooper… what the hell happened?

  1. Along Came a Spider wasn’t one of Alice’s stronger albums, but he has put out a lot of great work in the past fifteen years or so. 1994’s The Last Temptation is a flat out masterpiece and so is 2000’s Brutal Planet. I still listen to Brutal Planet on a regular basis. I like The Eyes of Alice a lot as well. Alice still puts out good music and as a live act he is still amazing. There is no need to retire anytime soon.

    • I guess I am being judgemental. After Welcome 2 My Nightmare in particular, I really just got to feeling that Alice’s creative well had run dry. During To, I had a very clear idea of being told a story and what it was about, with a pay-off that worked. Spider and 2 have no such features. They just feel like thrown-together compilations of semi-related material. Both have terrible climaxes, to boot.

      Much as I tried to get into and see the good in these albums, Years Ago/Steven and The Ballad Of Dwight Fry are still the songs people offer as example of Alice. That does not reflect well on new material.

  2. What happened? Fame. Fame happened.

    I used to respect Alice Cooper, but I worked at a gas station that only allowed four stations to be played. When the manager was away, we punks would turn to the only station that didn’t suck, the Rock station, with your host Alice Cooper. It didn’t take long for me to start hating him. He honestly thought that he was the lifeblood of rock and roll, a living repository of knowledge, but it was clear his searching for the perfect sound stalled in 1976. He’d drone on about suburban problems, drop names of bands and band members long dead, and unearth ‘hits you haven’t heard’ like Steve Miller, Foreigner, and the bloody Beatles. The music was fine compared to 90s easy listening, but he presented himself as a total tool. Sometimes he’d just prattle on about golf.

    Hey, at least he was cool once. He’s still better than KISS.

    • yea he is better than kiss,,but that’s like saying ,,would I rather have some one shit or piss on me,,first he’s a frog,,there all cowards,,my dad said they were always running away from the krouts,,,then he’s a total hack,,i don’t believe he wrote any of his material,,he cant sing and he’s an ugly cocksucker,,kiss is another bullshit band,,i think that there is kiss and alice cooper because there are many people that know nothing about good music,,ya need shitty bands for shitty people,,thats it ,,fuck alice cooper fuck gene simmons,,I would take the contract to blow there brain matter all over there dressing room wall and do it for 5000 bucks,,,any takers

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