6 comments on “We need to talk about Mr. Bungle (aka Mike Patton is a genius, part one of several)

  1. Two members live in Australia now (Danny and Clinton). Patton was quoted as not wanting to sing with MB again, but damnit I would! Be great to jam out some tunes with those guys.
    I’m no Patton in appearance, but can hit every note!!!
    AND I’ve had a melodica for 20 years, just need to practice.

    • Usually when one member of a band does not want to perform with the others in spite of how much money they could make, it is because one side has done enough to offend the other. Given that Patton still performs, or performed, with Dunn, I suspect it is one of the other three. Given the circumstances in which Spruance was fired from Faith No More, I have a funny feeling he is the one that he is the one who has ticked off the other members.

      I am curious. Have you read about how three of the former members of Made Out Of Babies are reforming with a new vocalist, but calling themselves something different now? I think a similar situation exists with Mr. Bungle. They just are not Mr. Bungle without Patton.

      • In the case of MrB, I reckon dysfunction and offense were their foundations. Think back to when we were 16-ish, it’s a totally different mindset. Of course with maturity, a progressive sonic and lyrical development was evident. Another natural consequence of the members maturing were the increasingly divergent influences, styles and interests.

        It was a similar dynamic with FNM. I recall an interview with Patton (Triple J ~1997), where he cited the diversity and friction between members as one of their strengths.

        I’m unaware of the band you mentioned, but of similar cases with other bands. Remember Van Halen?
        Their mistake was keeping the name when Gary Cherone took vocal duties.
        But then, that was an established sore point with Eddie, “I AM Van Halen” after their split with DLR.

        AS for MrB, of course you’re correct with your last statement. Patton surely counts as a biological instrument in that band, such is his range and talent.

        • Well, I would contend that such band dynamics are why professional musicians draw up what are known as band agreements. They probably had written up an agreement covering every possible argument from who gets what royalties to what happens when certain members leave. Thing is, maturing and drifting apart are often the same thing. A lot of bands stay together simply to make money, and look at what their output is like.

          Speaking of, whilst Faith No More’s last two albums were not terrible, to say that I was a bit disappointed in them after Angel Dust is an understatement. I think that diversity and friction went away to a great degree when they fired Jim Martin.

          Made Out Of Babies is one of those bands you either get or do not. Their first and last albums are pieces of awesome. Not sure why they split, but given that it is only their vocalist who left and declared the band “dead”, I have a funny feeling it might have something to do with the relationship between her and the guitarist.

          I also think it is a bad idea to call a band after a member’s family name. Unless that band is a hundred percent the writing, composition, and production work of that member or members, and even then it is asking for trouble down the line. But as I am not into the kind of thing that Van Halen represents, I cannot pretend to know that much about them.

          In days past, I have also bemoaned how much people seem unable to listen past a voice, and so forth. Mike Patton belongs in that elite class of folks who are known for their voice, and I actually want to hear what they have to sing. Most performers and bands would kill to have that going for them. *nod*

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