2 comments on “So I was reading other people’s journals once again

  1. may i?

    -1— “no person becomes a burden or grievance to others without having been driven there by others (not necessarily the same “others”)”


    -2— “analogy between cancer and relationships with people whose definition of us syncs badly with our own is an accurate one. ”

    Hm, cancer is sometimes curable…this i think not.

    Now it (1,2) leaves us only strangers – a Mysterious and Exciting Unknown, and a True Love.

    —- re. pic.

    the caption of the picture is wrong – This dragon is her beloved guardian. A little prick is an intruder, from the aNT House*. Her name is Wild Rose. Whatever made you put there this picture?

    —- “And do not forget to ask yourself: what is the ugliest part of your body?”

    Is it the one you cherish most?

    … what was this post about? 🙂

    Vorya Yarow

    • The analogy to cancer is an accurate one. When you have a person in your life who is promoting their interests at your expense to the point where it is making you sick and even killing you, your options amount to tolerating it and slowly dying, or cutting them out of your life and tossing them away like refuse. Cancer is no different. The cutting out methods, whether it be radiation treatment, chemotherapy, or the knife, all amount to the same thing.

      When I found that image online, it was on one of those meme sites, and had a title under it saying “Teddy Bears: protecting children from monsters under the bed since…” I forget the year cited. I know it was the wrong year, but oh well. I based an entire story around that. That story can be found here.

      What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? is a song by Frank Zappa. I recommend listening to it. Understanding, even grokking, what I write here is a lot easier with a lot of Zappa.

      To really know what this entry was about, taking a look at the linked entry on Lydia Brown‘s journal is a must.

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