2 comments on “Random pieces of music that I like (piecemeal style)

  1. This is awesome, thanks.

    You like a lot of different bands, and subtypes of metal, than I do, but what you say about them really makes me want to check it out!

    (I have a special love of operatic female singers in metal bands, so Cadaveria just jumped right to the top of my List of Things I Have It On Good Authority Are Awesome).

    • When I was a child I listened to quite a lot of different things, but for a period from when I was about fifteen to when I was twenty-odd, I would listen to doom metal, black metal, and their baby-sibling variants more or less exclusively. But the main criteria I have had all through my life is that on first listen, I have to think “phwoar! never heard anything like that before!”. 😀

      (Cadaveria’s vocal style is not what I would call operatic, by the way. She varies from style to style a lot, especially in more recent material, but that’s an aside. If you are being literal about seeking material with operatic vocal styles, Therion is a good place to start looking.)

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