2 comments on “The things that people in the World Of Warcraft believe.

  1. HA HA HA this is genius.

    (I don’t play WoW, but I have played a different MMO, City of Heroes, which has different-but-mostly-similar character classes. The main character I played was kind of a hybrid tank/offensive fighter — her character class was ostensibly an offensive melee fighter, capable of dealing huge amounts of damage but not necessarily taking it, but I chose her secondary abilities with an eye toward also making her a lesser tank. My other characters tended to be healers. With them, at least one of them had just one heal, and it was an area effect, so she LOVED IT when her teammates spread out all over the place, engaging several powerful enemies at the same time, across a huge area. Yes, of course I can keep you all alive at the same time … oh wait no. I can’t.)

    • I am flattered. *blushes brightly*

      (In my opinion, the whole concept of tanks, healers, and DPS in any MMO is a step backwards rather than forwards. In really good computer RPGs like Eye Of The Beholder and its most immediate sequel, every class is meant to have a certain degree of self-sufficiency / survivability. Obviously, Warriors, Paladins, Rangers, and the ilk will be more able to stand and fight the enemy, but this is counterbalanced by the fact that a Mage or Cleric can kill numerous enemies at once with one spell. Of course, the games were designed to be played by a single player, so it obviously would need to be radically changed for a different design paradigm, but the principle remains…

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