2 comments on “The meaning of awareness. The real meaning, in the real world context.

  1. My version: “I think Autistic people feel cheated because they were born, in principle, in a society in which they were supposed to be safe. The atypicality of their neurology puts them in danger, unexpectedly.”

  2. In keeping with the theme of Endlösung/ Aktion T4:

    That trivial cost is that of a disposable syringe filled with a lethal dose of drugs.

    “The syringe belongs in the hands of a physician.” (The Nazi Doctors, R. J. Lifton)

    As you have said before, Normdom as a whole has no real use for autists. They see us as *useless feeders / *life unworthy of life* – and that being so (as it was for the Chosen under the NSDAP) irrespective of outward behavior – irrespective of contributions – irrespective of all thing.

    *blood* / *race* / whatever is simply shorthand for ‘you are not us’ – and the deepest matter of all difference is that of instinct.

    Different Instinct = ***the true alien*** – one who is not to be oppressed.

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