4 comments on “A song I cannot help listening to in spite of how annoying it is

  1. fun analysis of this classic song/video – one point to mention – you’ve got your Ween bros reversed… Gene is the singer (featured in first image) and Dean is the guy in the skull cap with the bass (though as you mention he usually plays lead guitar)


    • I so just kinda-sorta knew that was going to happen. Sometimes write-ups of bands that are available on the big wide gaping information chasm of the Internet just make it very easy to make mistakes like that. At some point I may attempt to go back and correct this.

      One thing I will say for both Ween “brothers” is that they put on an act that makes it very difficult to tell if they are completely serious about it. That takes some form of talent, and a fair bit of work. Even now, as Dean Ween is seen making really uncomfortable expressions in that video, I just cannot figure out how much he is putting it on and why. With the way music videos are made, that takes a lot of patience. 🙂

      • This song and video were pretty early on in Ween’s career… I don’t know if they were ever “serious” about being rock stars or musical geniuses, but their body of work definitely expanded from here. This song was on the album Pure Guava which was followed up by Chocolate and Cheese… there is a great 33 1/3 series book about the making of Chocolate and Cheese and how it became a kind of marker in their career from the old days of drum machines and goofing – to creating some much more focused and purposeful music.

        Having seen them play live (in early days before Chocolate and Cheese and for many years after) – they are definitely talented and a lot of fun to watch.

        • It seems that over time, a lot can get distorted about at what point in an artist’s career this or that happened, really. Or perhaps I am just too used to dealing with morons like my asshole idiot male parent, who probably still thinks to this day that Metallicrap’s “debut” album is the rancid pile they released in 1991. *sigh* Sometimes I wonder if maybe I am getting so sick because I like it when things get straightened out for me. Hell if I know.

          Truthfully, I doubt that any of Ween’s music at any stage, unless it is as flat-out goofy and goofily-presented as this video, would have much impact upon me. The write-up of a local gig that I recently published sort of hints at why.

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