6 comments on “Shock, dismay, anger: An open letter to Tommy Hilfiger

  1. You are a very angry person. firstly, you do not know Mr. Hilfiger or his relationship with is daughter. When he says he wants to honor his daughter he means it from the heart, as he loves his daughter very much. You have taken this to another stratisphier that doen’t even relate to Mr. Hilfingers intentions.

    • First of all, you interrupted my attempt to get what little sleep I get at night lately for THIS!?

      Secondly, as they say in child welfare and the psychology of adults who were abused as children, intentions are nothing. Results are everything. Just like Stephen King said in The Stand: names do not matter, results do.

      Whether Hilfiger even gives a fukk about his daughter or not is irrelevant here. His actions essentially call for her, and people who have common characteristics with her, to be done away with by the suede denim secret police. That sends terror, fear, and anger hurtling through the autistic community like fire through a petrol station.

      In closing, yeah, I am an incredibly angry person. With people being allowed to place my equivalent of the swastika in public places, call for me to be tortured to death, or worse, all without fear of reprisal, I do not merely have a right to be. I have an obligation to be. If you have an issue with that, at least have the decency to tell me where I can find you so I can make you understand what the prospect of having bleach put in your anus will feel like.

  2. Hey I’m one of Kathleen’s old friends, i went to school with her in 2008 she’s really a sweet girl and has like a super benin autism, i actually didn’t know she was autistic until now. I also know her father and he a really great guy. He didn’t mean for the things he said to be offensive he spent weekend and weeks trying to get his speech right and he has never tried to put himself out there like that. Im not trying to change your opinion on him, just trying to show you his point of view on this. But remember he’s a fashion designer not the president. And yes he’s famous, but really know one cares about what a fashion designer has to say about anything other than fashion and even then, no one cares. Just next time try not to offend anyone when you don’t know them personally, you seem like an ass after doing so, but I’m sure you’re a very smart man. Thanks 🙂

    • For the purpose of this conversation, I am going to assume that your claims of knowing Kathleen Hilfiger and having gone to school with her in 2008 are genuine. This is for a reason.

      Your comment is actually extremely ill-informed and reminds all of the autistic, and those who are interested in them living like Human beings rather than in fear and terror, how far we have to go as yet.

      First of all, your “a super benin autism” is a bit murky, but I am going to assume you mean “benign”. Clarity is everything. But I am here to tell you something that I think every adult on the spectrum would like people like you to know: there is no such thing as “mild” or “benign” autism. The fact that being autistic makes one a target of abuse, exclusion, discrimination, violence, and other forms of mistreatment excludes that possibility.

      I also have some news for you if you think that “I didn’t know X, Y, Z was autistic until now” (a common curebie deflection) has any meaning. There are a whole wave of autistic adults who reach ages of twenty-five, fifty, even seventy-five, before they learn that they are autistic. Such is a result of poor education. We still live in a time where people think you cannot possibly be autistic unless you scream and hit yourself at the mere sight of running water. Many of us on the spectrum have suffered quite a lot because of that.

      As I said in the original text, a man with as much wealth as Tommy Hilfiger has great resources for learning the truth about what people think of Autism Speaks. I find it ridiculous that he can possibly be unaware. No organisation claiming to be a charity is as hated by the people it claims to be working on behalf of as Autism Speaks. Finding out that people would rather see Autism Speaks’ heads dragged through the shit by ropes around their necks than being allowed to exist is as easy as doing a search for the videos of actual autistic people. And let me make something perfectly clear here. When the Spielberg family came to the belief that one of the adopted children among them might be autistic, they did not go running off half-arsed to curebies. They sought out an actual expert, with expert knowledge, to come and help them understand what to do. I have met that expert myself. His efforts are misdirected, to put it nicely. And every autistic adult can tell you that no effort at all is preferable to misdirected effort.

      Next… Nobody cares what a fashion designer has to say about autism? Try telling that to Autism Speaks. Seriously. They try to make it so that everybody cares what anybody OTHER THAN THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY COUNT have to say about autism. I might seem like an ass to you, but I would rather seem like an ass to you than a fukking idiot to me, which is what you basically are.

      So if I have offended anyone (without trying) by speaking in favour of my own basic rights as a Human being, which encompasses Kathleen’s, by the way, fukk them. Fukk you.

    • Just next time try not to offend anyone when you don’t know them personally, you seem like an ass after doing so.

      Tommy Hilfiger offends Autistic people he doesn’t know by appearing in a PSA for a ‘charity’ that calls for the murders, both prenatal and postnatal, of Autistic people. Simples!

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